Giovanni Croce “il Chiozzotto”

In collaboration with Voces Suaves vocal ensemble: 10 singers Voces Suaves 7 musicians Concerto Scirocco – violin, cornetto, 2 sackbuts, dulcian, violone, organ 

Venice, July 1603: Giovanni Croce, known as ‘ilChiozzotto’, a priest at the church of Santa Maria Formosa, was appointed maestro di cappella of St Mark’s basilica, one of the most prestigious posts in the musical world of the time. A controversial biography, many aspects of which have not yet been elucidated, and a musical output of excellent quality constitute the appeal of this composer born in Chioggia, who is still overshadowed today by his famous successors. Yet Giovanni Croce proves to be an extraordinary figure, halfway between the conservative Venetian school of Gioseffo Zarlino and the modernism of Claudio Monteverdi. He makes masterly use of double chorus and of such special devices as echo effects, while maintaining a fine transparency in his counterpoint that links him with classical polyphony. The vocal ensemble Voces Suaves and ConcertoScirocco, combine here to honour Giovanni Croce and some of his contemporaries, introducing us to other aspects of the glorious musical activity at St Mark’s. 

Giovanni Croce (1557-1609)                         Omnes Gentes

Giovanni Picchi (c.a 1571-1643)                   Canzon decimaquarta

Giovanni Croce                                         Anima mealiquefacta est

                                                                Percussit Saul

Vincenzo Bell’Haver (c.a 1540-1587)            Toccata

Giovanni Croce                                         Egredimini etvidete

Giovanni Gabrieli (1557-1612)                       Canzon Terza

Giovanni Croce                                          Ornaverunt faciem templi

Andrea Gabrieli (c.a 1553-1585)                    Canzon ariosa

Giovanni Croce                                           Ave virgo sponsa Dei

Giovanni Gabrieli                                         Canzon terza

Giovanni Croce                                            Virgo decus nemorum

Gioseffo Guami (1542-1611)                             Canzon settimadecima

Giovanni Croce                                              Hodie completi sunt

Claudio Merulo (1533-1604)                             Toccata terza

Giovanni Croce                                               Quaeramus cum pastoribus

Photo @Martin Chiang Photography