Ninfe, amanti, vecchie, gelose e pazzerelle

A portrait of the female figure in XVI th century secular music 

Featuring: soprano, cornetto, viola da gamba, lute, dulcian, percussion, organ

This program presents through music a parade of the most significant figures of the female Renaissance world: there are the traditional nymphs in their natural setting of the forest, surrounded by animals and flowers; but also love queens, mistresses of seduction; jealous, betrayed women, abandoned by their husbands; old witches and madwomen who prowl the street, cackling at those who pass and stare.  For this program, Concerto Scirocco uses an ensemble formation enhanced by the inclusion of a lute, a viola da gamba and percussion to add verve and vigour within a truly charming sonority.

Adrian Willaert (1490 ca.-1562) Madonna mia famme bon’offerta

Nicolò Senese Pifaro(XV-XVI) Per amor fata solinga

Antonio Caprioli (1500 ca.) Una leggiadra nimpha

Adrian Willaert Madonn’io non lo so perché lo fai

Philippe Verdelot (1470/1480 ca.-1552?) Benche ‘l misero cor

Adrian Willaert E se per gelosia

Qual dolcezza giammai Vecchie letrose

Diego Ortiz (1510-1570) Recercada Primera, Recercada Segunda

Jakob Arcadelt (?1505-1568) O felici occhi miei

Diego Ortiz O felici occhi miei diminuito

Antonio Caprioli Quella bella e bianca mano

Adrian Willaert O dolce vita mia che t’haggio fatto

Ludwig Senfl (1486 ca.-1542/43) S’io non venni, non importa

Adrian Willaert Sempre mi ride

Photo @Sabrina Seyfried